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Date: November 30th, 2023. London and New York – Since its inception in 2018, Future VC has been leading change in the venture capital industry, offering paid internships in some of the largest venture capital funds worldwide. As we celebrate our fifth anniversary, we take pride in our contribution over these past few years to creating a more equitable VC ecosystem, where aspiring professionals can begin their careers in Venture Capital.

To date, over 50 individuals who have participated in our internship program are now working in VC and Future VC has collaborated with over 120 funds across six countries, throughout the UK, US, and Europe. Since 2018, Future VC has educated over 1500 individuals from more than 166 cities globally.

“Future VC programme served as a pivotal bridge connecting my startup experience to the VC world. It has been a transformative experience for me from a career’s perspective, and it is evident in my current role as an Investment Analyst. It was through Future VC that I first learned about the fund’s investment philosophy, which resonated deeply with my own.” Stefania Hau, VC at Nauta Capital and Future VC Alumni

Our commitment goes beyond just fostering diversity; Future VC has been a consistent advocate for bringing diverse talent into this sector. These individuals, irrespective of their backgrounds, contribute unique experiences and perspectives, enhancing the industry’s diversity of thought.

“Future VC offers an unparalleled learning environment to gain insights from practitioners who are real time experiencing changes, challenges, and successes in VC.” Caroline Yarborough, Future VC Alumni

“We are proud to partner with Future VC and support their mission to improve diversity & inclusion across the industry. They’ve always found us strong candidates and have supported us at every stage of the process. We look forward to building on our partnership.” Adnan Salam, Mubadala Capital

Our mission extends beyond merely boosting representation. We aim to contribute to sustainable and systemic change, working in collaboration with Diversity VC.

“We know who writes the check matters for advancing DEI across this ecosystem. That’s why we’re as excited as ever to keep training this next generation of check writers through future VC.” Sarah Millar, COO, Diversity VC

2024 Activities

This year, we are thrilled to announce a broader set of activities from Future VC. As we have each year since 2018, we will deliver an intensive 8-week internship and educational programme running from June to August 2024. This internship encompasses 8 weeks of work experience, masterclasses on Venture Capital, industry deep dives along with 1:1 mentoring. Our goal remains focused on access – where we identify, train, and nurture underrepresented people who showcase the potential to excel in VC.

12 months placement

Alongside the internship programme, 2024 will also see the beta launch of a 12-month programme which will consist of two 6-month internships per individual selected to be in the year-long cohort. This programme will give us an opportunity to closely support those who are selected with the expectation that they will leave the programme after 12 months and ready to take up an appointment with a VC. Our beta programme will include a handful of funds, with a broader intake over 2025.

“Future VC’s 2024 programme of activities will include our popular 8-week taster internship, which has helped over 50 people secure roles in Venture Capital around the world. We’ve taken feedback from funds and participants of our programme into account and are delighted to announce a 12-month opportunity. We believe that Future VC needs to continue playing a central role in identifying, enabling, and promoting underrepresented talent to VC funds. This is crucial both for those at the start of their careers and for those looking to advance their careers.” Seb Butt, Founder of Future VC

Future VC E-Book and Masterclasses on Demand

Beyond our internship programmes, we are also excited to introduce an e-book from Future VC later this year. This e-book promises an interactive learning experience, enabling candidates, whether enrolled in the programme or not, to familiarise themselves with key VC knowledge. This will be made available online along with a complete set of Masterclasses recorded with some of the leading VC investors around the world.

Applications for Future VC 2024 are now open and you can apply here.

If a VC would like to learn more and hire an intern then reach out to us, hello@futurevc.com

Written by Seb Butt

Founder & Programme Director of Future VC

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