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Our mission is to support talented individuals learn about and work in VC, and in doing so improve the inclusiveness of the Venture Capital industry.


We respect our team members, collaborators, and wider community and expect those within this community to do the same. We will not tolerate any instances of harassment, discrimination or assault of any form. This also means any type of bullying and unwanted physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct which violates a person’s dignity or creates a hostile environment for them will not be tolerated.


At Future VC our mission is to build a fairer and more representative industry in which everyone is treated equally regardless of background. In order to get there we recognise that, for now at least, equity is needed to build the networks and practices that will provide individuals from all backgrounds a fair chance to enter VC.


Diversity without inclusion is meaningless. We strive to ensure that everyone we work with feels that they can bring their whole selves to the work that they do with us. We encourage openness and communication including highlighting when we have fallen short of this standard wherever possible.


We want to be held accountable to the high standards we have set ourselves on these points. If you have any concerns or feedback, positive or negative, please get in touch with us, or use our complaints procedure.


VC has some way to go in being truly representative and Future VC acknowledges and praises the excellent work done by other organisations to help this happen. We firmly believe that collaboration, not competition is key to making the change we’re working towards. Future VC team members and collaborators should involve each other in projects and be sure to connect other external organisations with projects that will support our joint mission.


We are committed to making VC a career that is accessible to all. Accessible means that entry level roles such as internships are an option for anyone to apply to regardless of financial background. We do not support unpaid internships and will not promote them. If at any point we learn that an individual or organisation is using our network/organisation to promote such an internship we will not continue to work with them