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Future VC has been working with VC funds throughout Europe since 2017.

Future VC provides an eight-week, paid internship with leading Venture Capital funds in Europe and the US. Participants gain the key skills and practical experience necessary to kickstart their careers in VC, including deep-dive masterclasses from worldwide industry experts.

If you’re a VC that would like to participate in 2022 then contact us using the form below. 

The structure of the 2022 programme: 

  • Future VC’s programmes are designed to upskill each of our participants in areas vital for accessing a career in Venture Capital, key components include:

  • VC 101 is available for everyone who applies to the Future VC programme, even if they are not accepted

  • The paid 2-month internship

  • Masterclasses offering deep dives into key topics such as financial modelling, transaction economics, fund mechanics and impact investing from some of the most respected investors around the world

  • Mentoring delivered by those working VC – over 100 experts will provide 30 mins a week of 1:1 mentoring

  • Peer to Peer Learning

  • Access to Jobs & Paid work opportunities

  • Join the Future VC ‘bench’ to access ad-hoc work with leading VCs

  • Assessing real Start-Ups and presenting to an Investment Panel

  • Developing soft skills such as networking, preparing for the recruitment process and starting a career in VC

If you have taken on an intern from Future VC previously, we’ll be sure to reach out. If you are new to Future VC and would like to hire an intern in Europe or the US in 2022 then do reach out by completing the short form below.