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Future VC has been working with VC funds throughout Europe since 2017.

Originally through supporting job postings and job distribution (we can still help with this), we launched our internship programme to enable funds to access talented individuals for internships.

After a successful launch in 2019, when a large number of UK fnds hired interns as part of the programme, we had to halt our usual internship due to the global pandemic.

In 2021 we return with our paid internship programme for a few reasons:

  • Funds from Europe and the US have all asked for the programme
  • Despite uncertainty with the global pandemic, our partner funds have already indicated that they are now mature in their internal processes to hire interns and work with them remotely, in a hybrid model or from the office (which may be possible by the time the next programme begins in June 2021)
  • Our interns saw a lot of value from the Future VC internship programme and a number of our alumni now work in VC.

If you have taken on an intern from Future VC previously, we’ll be sure to reach out. If you are new to Future VC and would like to hire an intern in Europe or the US (East Coast) in 2021 then do reach out by completing the short form below.