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Future VC has been working with VC funds throughout Europe since 2018.

Future VC Programmes Overview

Future VC now offers two programmes for individuals exploring a career in Venture Capital.

8-Week Taster Programme

The first is an 8-week taster programme, designed for those new to the VC industry. This introductory programme provides an understanding of the industry’s essentials and helps develop foundational understanding and skills.

Year-Long Internship Programme (UK only in 2024)

The second, launching in 2024, is a comprehensive year-long programme. Participants in this programme engage in two consecutive 6-month internships at different VC funds, gaining in-depth, hands-on experience.

Programme Benefits and Structure

Participants in the year-long programme are employed by leading Venture Capital funds in the UK. They acquire key skills and practical experience necessary to launch a successful career in VC, including participation in deep-dive masterclasses conducted by global industry experts. Participating funds have the flexibility to host one intern for the entire year or two different interns, each for a 6-month period.

Participate in Our 2024 Programmes

We invite Venture Capital funds interested in participating in our 2024 programmes to join us in this exciting initiative. For more information and to express your interest, please contact us using the form below.

Future VC’s programmes are tailored to equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge for a career in Venture Capital.

The key components of our 2024 programme include:

VC 101 Access for All Applicants

VC 101 is available to everyone who applies to the Future VC programme, providing valuable insights into the VC world, even for those not accepted into the main programmes.

Pre-Internship Masterclasses

Masterclasses on crucial topics like financial modelling, transaction economics, fund mechanics, and impact investing are offered by some of the most respected investors globally. These sessions are delivered before the internships begin, ensuring a strong foundational understanding of VC.

1:1 Mentoring by VC Professionals

Over 100 experienced VC professionals provide personalized mentoring, offering insights and guidance drawn from their extensive industry experience.

Peer-to-Peer Learning

This component encourages collaborative learning and networking among participants, enriching the learning experience through shared perspectives.

Career Opportunities in VC

Participants will have access to job listings and paid work opportunities in the VC sector, facilitating career advancement post-programme.

Future VC ‘Bench’ Membership

Join the Future VC ‘bench’ for opportunities to engage in ad-hoc work with leading VCs, enhancing practical experience and industry connections.

Soft Skills Development

Focused sessions on developing soft skills, including networking, interview preparation, and strategies for successfully starting a career in VC.

    If you have taken on an intern from Future VC previously, we’ll be sure to reach out. If you are new to Future VC and would like to hire an intern in the UK or the US in 2024 then do reach out by completing the short form below.